Ko-Shamo chickens been used for fighting for centuries.  Generally, they will be well-mannered and tame if they are treated with the appropriate care. However they can be extremely aggressive if provoked.

The birds have muscular and upright bodies.

Caring for Ko-Shamo Chickens

They are fairly self-sufficient and require little maintenance. Typical chicken care applies such as a spacious coop, adequate shelter, a decent food and water supply and a secure environment.

Origin: Japan/Thailand

Typical weight:  

Male – 3lbs

Female – 2lbs

Eggs laid:

Around 50 per year. The Ko-Shamo can not compete with a good laying breed.

Types of Ko-Shamo For Sale

Available as white and assorted colours.

  • Trios - 1 cockerel and 2 hens
  • Chicks
  • Young stock
  • Point of lay
  • Fertile and hatching eggs
  • Large fowl and bantams