Yokohama Chickens lay cream or tinted eggs.

They are a beautiful and ornamental bird with a large tail.

The Yokohama is a relatively small breed,only four to five pounds at the very largest. It comes both in the bantam and standard sizes. It has yellow skin, and can have either a walnut or a pea comb.

Caring for Yokohama Chickens

If fed a typical lay pellet it will only produce on an average, one egg a week. Fed a higher quality ration with generous proportions of fish and animal protein and fat, it produces an egg a day and all through the winter.

They are not hardy in the winter, not great layers, not known for broodiness and require extra accomodating in order to protect their beautiful long tail.

More facts and care advice available at Backyard Chickens.

Types of Yokohama For Sale

Available as Red Saddled Yokohama:

  • Trios -¬†1 cockerel and 2 hens
  • Chicks
  • Young stock
  • Point of lay
  • Fertile and hatching eggs
  • Large fowl and bantams¬†